Studio A


Room Size

24′ Wide x 15 Long

PA System

Mackie Onyx and VLZ mixers (12 to 24 channels), JBL mains and (2) floor monitors, outboard dynamic control and effects, Crown and OSC power amps, 1/8” Aux cables provided in all rooms.


All rooms include DW Collector Series Kit: (12”/ 13”/ 16” / 22” / 14” Wood Snare), 10” tom, DW 9000 Series Hardware, DW 5000 Series Kick Pedal, DW 5000 Series Hi Hat Stand, Sabian B8 Cymbals (16” 18” Crash , 20” Ride 14” Hi Hats).


(4) Sennheiser wired microphones

Bass Amp

(1) Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 w/ DB410 Cab

Guitar Amps

(1) Orange Rockerverb 50 Head and Orange 4×12 Cab; Extra Amps Available Upon Request (Fender Deville 2×12; Fender Twin Reverb; Marshall JCM 2000 ½ Stacks;Marshall DSL 401 Combo)

Keyboard Amps

Roland KC550 available upon request

Studio Costs



All bookings are 2hr minimum w/ minimum of 24hr cancellation policy.



Lockouts are available on all of our studios.

Lesson/Solo Rate


Lesson Rate (1 Teacher, 1 Student); Solo Rate (1 Person, No Guests); M-F Before 6pm and Sat-Sun All Day.

Want to book Studio A?

Give us a call at (818) 761-2670, email us at (, or click the link below and fill out the contact form.